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The lead management system will give you the flexibility to manage your leads on and off the web and also through your business pipeline from creation to transformation with a centralized database.The CRM robotizes work process allow inquiries, quotes, and a booked reservation.

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Improve your client venture from customer obtaining to the stay involvement in our multi-utilitarian CRM


Effectively follow up on leads and establish your contacts. See a clear, adaptable perspective on the entirety of your business details.


Invest less energy digging through spreadsheets and more time selling. Automatically track emails, calls, and meetings, Collect and sync critical data directly from your inbox.


Include speed, insight, and personalisation to each transaction made. Access and update your information anytime, anywhere with the versatile Salesforce mobile application.

Sell Smarter & Faster With Our Automated CRM Solution.

Incorporated CRM with Reservation Software, OTA's, business travel and movement stages.

Get a quick outline of what's happening in your group. See when a team member logs a call or sends a quote. Share files and ideas in real-time and make up for the things you missed when you were away.

Lead Management Made Easy

We can help you accelerate your real estate business starting
with marketing and lead capturing all the way to lead conversion and nurturing.

Inquiry Management

Our Inquiry management is built with your properties in mind. Track Inquiries and Identify the most effective lead channels for reservation inquiries.

Lead Activities

You can track leads for Improved Property & Rental Projections. Never Miss a Lead with our automated Lead Management System.

Tasks & Notes

Organize tasks& Notes across your team with complete visibility and real time step by step tracking for a complete overview of your rental & properties


Communication you need. Our platform is designed for better cohesion between all modules for a seamless experience in your reservation journey

Multi Quotes

Engage your customers with an extensive property listing and provide multiple quotations for customer satisfaction and value for money


If youu2019re looking for automation look no further. Automate your daily tasks from Rent Handling, Renewals to Maintenance Tasks & Reservation leads




The Reservation Software team delivers flexible, high-performance reservation processing solutions specifically designed to serve the unique needs of reservation business. Our solution streamlines lifecycle process that includes the underwriting, rate, quote, submission, and issue process.

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