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Our property manager knows exactly what problems it should be solving. Whether it is Reservation bookings, Maintenance requests, Account keeping, Online payments, Securing sensitive data or real-time access to information our software has it all.

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Complete Property Management


Our property management tool works as a set-up of frameworks (offering property management, owner management and lease management) through a dynamic interface. Maintain all of your property documents in our easy to use reservation software.


Manage and review single or multiple leases of your properties under one roof through our reservation software lease management tool. Our user-friendly software easily tackles multiple leases of the same property. All the records are stored in database and can be accessed at any time.


The users describe the lease management tool as well-disposed and responsive. Manage all your bills i.e. rent to property, furniture and utilities through a single software. Track all additional costs through one-click on our tool. Access all your latest or previous records through the reservation software.

Multi Functional Property Manager.

Comprehensive and intuitive, our property manager gives you instant access to data & insights enabling your team to make strategic decisions and execute on long-term plans. Easy-to-use property management software with a clear, consistent user experience. Our platform is built for stability, scale, and innovation.

Powered With

Interactive Dashboard

Reservation Software offers interactive dashboard to compose your information in a progressively organized and accommodating way.

Unit Direct Expense

All the Unit Direct Expense can be managed and accessed by a single click in Reservation Software. The process is hassle-free, and everything is well-stored so that you can access it any time without putting additional efforts.

Property Profiles

Manage profiles of all your units through our reservation software. Maintain a record of all your units. Now you can easily manage your unit details, leases, PD expense, location details and owner information.

Owners Management

The property management tool allows you to main a record of owners. The data of the owners is added against the units and easily managed through reservation software.

Dynamic Ratecards

This property/unit management tool handles variety of fundamental to maintain all your rates / services related to the properties. The tool likewise offers dynamic rate card management.

Fully Integrated

Our reservation oriented Contact Manager is fully integrated with other Reservation Software Applications.




The Reservation Software team delivers flexible, high-performance reservation processing solutions specifically designed to serve the unique needs of reservation business. Our solution streamlines lifecycle process that includes the underwriting, rate, quote, submission, and issue process.

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