Manage All
Your Files

Manage All Your Files In One Place
The File Manager Application is your one stop for managing all your files across your application suite with control and ease.

File Manager has a modular design for simplicity in locating your files. Easily identify your required files by pointing to the associated module for quick resolution


Our Reservation Software File Manager helps improve your business:
customer service, secure and fast-tracked documents, secure file-sharing, less time wasted, and automated redundant processes.


The File Manager Dashboard gives you an all-inclusive outline of all your uploaded files according to application and type along with module extension


The Media Plugin arranges your files according to specific applications along with the option to create your own folder to store files


Your folders are displayed in an easy list view along with file preview so you don’t have to view each file individually and you can filter files as need be.

File Preview

The File preview is available in list view of all files present in file manager for users to easily see file contents without opening along with file extensions.


You can easily create a new directory for uploading your files and even make a private directory for your eyes only as we always believe in privacy first


Search files with the ease of option either Media type or Folder to filter your results and then download as per your requirement


File Manager is critical for collaboration, client approvals and content management
It centralizes important documents in one place & minimizes project delays

Document Centralization

Our File Manager brings your organisation’s documents together in one place for easy accessibility. Instead of spending precious time trying to find that one document buried in an archived email thread, you can find what you need and get back to work..

Reduce Rework

The  File management systems helps you keep documents organised, so your workforce can quickly find what they need and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Cut down Emails

The file manager helps you cut down on email volume, which improves efficiency and helps avoid a lot of frustration by avoiding sending the same file to multiple users and can be retrieved when required.

Fully Integrated

Our reservation oriented File Manger is fully integrated with
other Reservation Software App's





Project & Tasks

Quotes & Invoicing

Website Builder


Control information access

Keeping files together in File Manager helps you control access to sensitive documents. We give you control at the role level (e.g., administrator, Team Lead, etc.), and also enables you to grant access to individual users.


Our File Manager has built-in communication such as notes to keep track of conversations as they relate to a specific document, as the conversation history is useful for later reference

Easier Retrieval

Our File Manager is a powerful, time-saving tool. It can retrieve files by a word or phrase in a document – full text search, or via application.